Have a Food Safe Summer!

By Rachel Sanders, MPH, RD, Campus Dietitian & Caitlin Cammack, Nutrition Intern  Summer vacations, lazy afternoons by the pool, and sunshine!  Most everyone is a fan of of summer and the events that come along with the season. Barbeques, camping trips, pot lucks, weddings, showers, and parties are full of fun food that brings us… Continue reading Have a Food Safe Summer!

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Healthy Upgrades for Every Meal

  By Caitlin Cammack & Rachel Sanders RD Do you often find yourself reaching for the same items at breakfast, lunch, and dinner? As students, we can become too busy to think outside of the box when it comes to creativity in the dining hall. Many students have their “go-to” meals, and let’s face it…… Continue reading Healthy Upgrades for Every Meal

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Mindful Mile: Be Mindful About Your Movement!

By Sodexo Edited by Rachel Sanders & Caitlin Cammack Do you find yourself feeling absolutely exhausted at the end of a long day of sitting in class? Even if you haven’t made it to the gym, yet? If you nap after hours of sitting in class or work, you are not alone. Being sedentary for… Continue reading Mindful Mile: Be Mindful About Your Movement!

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In Case You Missed It: Recovery Meals

A couple weeks back, we hosted a cooking class to celebrate the start of National Nutrition Month with the Liberty Sports Dietitian, Isaac Hicks, RD and Liberty Campus Dietitian, Rachel Sanders, RD.  The class focused on recovery meals accentuate the benefits of physical performance.  Liberty Dining’s Executive Chef, Sarah Falls, created a delicious recovery meal of chicken… Continue reading In Case You Missed It: Recovery Meals

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Journey Towards Better Ingredients

 Cleaning eating is a dietary choice that focuses on choosing foods that are almost exactly the way nature delivered them. The term clean characterizes foods that have undergone little to no processing. Clean is meant to characterize natural rawness. For example, a person who is choosing to eat clean will seek out vegetables that have… Continue reading Journey Towards Better Ingredients


Healthy Snacking

By Caitlin Cammack, Sodexo Nutrition Intern Snacking. It’s one thing that most college students can confidently say that they earn an A in. However, snacking can become very unhealthy very quickly. We choose to snack for a variety of reasons, the most obvious being that we get hungry between meals. However, snacking also happens when… Continue reading Healthy Snacking


Microwavable Meals

By Emily Crouch, Nutrition Intern, Liberty Dining by Sodexo Outside of the dorm, the residential dining hall and retail locations across campus do a great job meeting the needs of students with hours and the meal options available. However, the timing of life doesn’t always match dining hours and options.  Let’s say it’s 9:15, you… Continue reading Microwavable Meals