Healthy Snacking

By Caitlin Cammack, Sodexo Nutrition Intern

Snacking. It’s one thing that most college students can confidently say that they earn an A in. However, snacking can become very unhealthy very quickly. We choose to snack for a variety of reasons, the most obvious being that we get hungry between meals. However, snacking also happens when we get bored, when we study, when we hang out with friends, or when we get emotional or stressed. What is a healthy snack? Our campus dietitian, Rachel Sanders, MPH, RD, tends to stick to a few guidelines when choosing a snack for healthy food fuel:

-try to keep it less than 200 calories per serving

-limit sodium, saturated/trans fats, and added sugar

-aim to include protein, at least 5g

-fiber is an added plus!

Try not to snack out of boredom or based on emotions. This is extremely hard to stop doing if it has become a habit, but one way to cut down on unnecessary snacking is to start small. For example, start by only “treating yourself” to an indulgent snack perhaps 3 times a week, then cut back or modify from there. Also, substitute in healthier options for what you usually snack on. One example: instead of sugar and calorie laden specialty coffee at Dunkin or Starbucks, get a simpler version with less sugar and skim milk or almond milk. Another idea would be to swap out chips and a soda for some nuts and infused water.

Around campus there are so many places to get meals using meal swipes and PLUS+ swipes, however, it’s important to know where you can grab a quick snack on the run using Flames Cash or Dining Dollars. Keep an eye open for even more healthy options at The Grid coming SOON!  If you’re looking for some healthy snack stops, here are some of the best snack picks from some different places around Liberty University’s campus:


The options from Reber are great because they are already included in the Freedom dining plan and your access to the dining hall is unlimited!

-Carrots & celery sticks with hummus

-Fruit & nut butter

-Yogurt or cottage cheese DIY parfait

-Wheat toast with cream cheese and sliced apple


The Grid:

-Luna Bars: these gluten free bars are a great option for high protein snacking

-Go Lean Bar: a gluten free option with 9g of plant protein

(less than $2!)

-Quest Bar: this bar has 21g of whey protein and 14g of fiber and gluten free!

-Skinny Pop

-Kind Bar: a great option for whole food eating! These bars are generally lower in sugar and the nuts provide nutrients and protein!

-Cheese stick: a great source of protein and calcium!


BCP           Argo Tea:

-Boom Chicka Pop: high in fiber!








North Campus Dining

-Greek Yogurt: yogurt has protein and probiotics!

-Fruit cup: this option is less than $3 and it will tide you over until your next meal break!

-Smoothie: this is an option that combines fruit and protein into a PLUS+ swipe! Talk about convenient…

Campus Vending

-Cliff Builder’s Protein Bar

-Roasted & salted pistachios:

this option is convenient, cheap, and high in protein and fiber!


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