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A Feature about Fried Foods

Robin Quay, MS, RD, Sodexo Dietitian

Everyone’s probably heard that fried foods are unhealthy, that they are high in calories, and that they would fall into the “sometimes” category-foods to be enjoyed only occasionally. However, when we look around, it seems like fried foods are everywhere-french fried potatoes, chips, fried chicken, vegetables…even twinkies, oreos, and candy bars.

You may feel like fried foods are worth eating. They taste good and are easy to find, and you don’t really care about the extra calories or gaining weight. But did you know that eating fried foods can have a negative impact on your health?

In order to fry foods, fat is heated to tremendously high temperatures. The extreme heat damages the fat. When the fried food is eaten, the damaged fat releases free radicals into the body. The free radicals harm tissues and cells and promote disease processes. The cell damage can cause wrinkles, premature aging, cancer, heart disease and diabetes.

According to the Harvard Letter, eating a medium order of fast-food French fries each day increases the risk of Coronary Heart Disease by 23%.

 By skipping the fries (and other fried foods), you’ll be protecting yourself from debilitating diseases, and you’ll look and feel better. (Less wrinkles, less rolls!) And, since fat takes longer to digest and absorb, eating high fat foods can leave you feeling sluggish and lacking energy. So instead of grabbing the fries, try a salad or steamed vegetables instead.


3 thoughts on “A Feature about Fried Foods

  1. This is something I think about often. Infact just today I stopped frying my eggs as I bought a poacher. it actually tastes a lot better and over the last year my girlfriend and I have phased out the fried food from our diet.

    We slow cook almost everything we eat now and feel a lot healthier for it.

  2. What are ways to lose weight when you can’t afford food and gym memberships? My only options are slowly phasing out sodas, eat more fruit, veggies and salads, drink more water and walking. Also can use exercise videos from the library.

    1. Kimmy,

      All of your ideas are awesome! It doesn’t cost more to do the right things for your health. Sodas cost a lot and are unhealthy-water is free. Processed foods cost a lot more than foods in their raw, or natural state, you can save money and eat better by preparing foods from raw ingredients, instead of buying processed foods. Look for specials at the grocery store and shop the perimeter of the store for the most nutrients for the least money.

      As far as exercise, walking or running doesn’t cost anything, and getting exercise dvd’s from the library is a great idea. You could even walk other people’s dogs for them and get paid to exercise! Try to find a buddy to exercise with-it will keep you on track and be more fun.

      I wish you the best!

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